July 21, 2011 Successful Deployment of Sercel UNITE in Colombia

Sercel announced today the completion of the first UNITE cable free acquisition system project in Colombia.  The project was completed ahead of schedule with the UNITE Remote Acquisition Units deployed for HOCOL S.A.’s Sinú San Jacinto Norte 3D project in In-Fill mode combined with a 428XL cable spread.

UNITE provided consistently high quality sub-surface coverage throughout the densely populated city of Sabanalarga, which would not have been possible with the limitations of a cable based system. 

Seismic contractor, Sismopetrol S.A was pleased with their new system's flawless performance during the project along with its ease of deployment and seamless integration into the 428XL system.

Marcel Pineda, Sismopetrol's Technical Manager, said: "Sismopetrol S.A. is committed to innovation and will always look for new technologies that allow us to surpass the requirements and expectations of our clients. It was to this end that we purchased a new UNITE cable free seismic acquisition system.  Thanks to the system's ability to operate in In-Fill mode, its ease of operation, low maintenance and our personnel's excellent training, we managed to acquire quality data throughout the city of Sabanalarga. Using this system, it is now possible to reliably acquire data in areas where it was previously not operationally viable."

Jaime Checa, Sr. Geophysicist at Hocol added:  "We had a large town in the middle of the survey and the use of the Unite system was the way to overcome a very complex situation. The community was very receptive and virtually hosted the acquisition units in their homes. The geophysical impact of the town was minimized and we were able to obtain continuous coverage at target level. There is no doubt that the Unite system will continue to have applications in Colombia and we are happy to have pioneered this implementation in conjunction with our local contractor Sismopetrol."

Pascal Rouiller, CEO, Sercel, said: "We are very pleased that this first deployment of the UNITE system in Colombia went completely according to plan and that both Sismopetrol and HOCOL are delighted with the results. We thank them for their support in what is a significant step towards consolidating our cable free system's place as the leader in the market."

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