September 16, 2019 Sercel and BGP Jointly Launch Game-Changing GPR Ocean Bottom Node

Sercel and BGP announced today at the SEG Conference & Exhibition in San Antonio the launch of GPR, a new ocean bottom node (OBN), designed to leverage the proven high performance of Sercel’s unique QuietSeis broadband digital sensor technology for OBN exploration and field development.

With the unrivalled digital fidelity and ultra-quiet performance of the QuietSeis MEMS, GPR offers significant advantages for OBN seismic acquisition. The data collected by GPR is superior to data collected by conventional sensors, delivering the highest-quality seismic signals for accurate depth imaging and reservoir characterization.

Meeting industry demand for flexibility, GPR nodes can be deployed by either remotely-operated underwater vehicle (ROV) or node-on-a-rope (NOAR). GPR's fully integrated all-in-one compact design incorporating an optional acoustic transponder to optimize operations and the 3C MEMS and hydrophone to record high-fidelity data makes it the ocean bottom node of choice for all OBN seismic surveys.

The scope of this latest partnership between BGP and Sercel included the joint development of this new ocean bottom node solution and its successful completion of sea trials. GPR benefits from both BGP's considerable experience in seismic acquisition and Sercel's longstanding technical expertise in the design and manufacture of seismic equipment. BGP also provided valuable input from the field that drove the design of this new-generation node, ensuring that its performance meets the very latest seismic industry requirements.

Gou Liang, BGP CEO, said: "Technological innovation is one of BGP's core values. BGP has always championed new technology development for the mutual benefit of our global partners. For this OBN technology cooperation with Sercel, both parties complemented each other to deliver a superior product while strengthening a stable and cooperative relationship. Additionally, this cooperation will contribute to the long-term development of both companies and deliver high-quality OBN services for our clients."

Pascal Rouiller, Sercel CEO, said: "As a long-term partner, we are delighted to have had the opportunity to collaborate with BGP on this innovative node-based GPR solution for seabed seismic exploration and field development. Sercel's state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing excellence are key factors in helping to position BGP amongst the major players in the ocean bottom node acquisition market."

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