3-C Digital Sensor Unit for 428XL

​The Sercel DSU3  is digital sensor that receives seismic data in 3-C components.

Based on MEMS (Micro-machined Electro-Mechanical Sensor) technology, these digital accelerometers provide a broadband linear response (DC to 800 Hz) and very low distortion.

The DSU3 digitizes data from a single ground station and its three orthogonal components allow it to accurately record the ground motion on all three axes. This is a significant improvement over traditional analog P-wave geophones that only record the vertical component. Utilization of the full seismic wave field, when accurately recorded and processed, enhances the seismic interpretation and reservoir characterization to help reduce F & D costs.

    • Broadband linear response from DC to 800Hz
    • 3-C omni-tilt sensor
    • The lightest acquisition solution
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