The Best-in-Class Streamer Performance

​With over 5,000 km of streamers delivered to more than 60 seismic vessels worldwide since its introduction in 2005, Sentinel has become the system of choice for streamer seismic survey acquisition. Due to the success of its design, including uniform ballast and its vibration isolation capabilities, Sentinel provides the best signal-to-noise ratio in the industry.

In both calm and adverse weather conditions and irrespective of towing depth, Sentinel is the quietest streamer in the market and provides the highest-quality seismic data resulting in the clearest seismic image. Sentinel streamers also offer superior reliability, resulting in increased productivity.

The latest member of the Sentinel family, Sentinel® RD, has a reduced diameter, providing reduced cable drag and increased storage capacity onboard seismic vessels, which are some of the key aspects of the marine seismic operations.

    • Outstanding noise immunity in all sea states
    • Best signal/noise ratio
    • Unrivalled low-frequency performance
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