Vision and values



Reinforce our position as the leading manufacturer of seismic equipment

  • Be the industry benchmark.
  • Deliver breakthrough technologies and innovative solutions.
  • Attract, develop and recognize talent.
  • Promote a culture of performance creating long-term value.


archachon-sercel.jpg Focus on Performance

​ •  We operate with a long-term view and deliver superior results.
 •  We focus on the customer, pursue excellence and continuously improve.
 •  We are individually committed to company-wide success.
 •  We deliver quality in a sustainable, safe & environmentally responsible manner.


Passion of Innovation

​ •  We believe innovation is core to our company
 •  We say what we think and know that being challenged is essential to progress.
 •  We delegate and empower people to make decisions and encourage initiative.
 •  We drive the advance of technology.


Powered by People

​ •  We strive to excel and have a passion for what we do.
 •  We recognize and reward individual commitment and performance.
 •  We believe teamwork is our driving force and value global diversity.
 •  We seek and provide opportunities for personal development and professional advancement.

first-shot-line-sercel.jpgDelivered with Integrity

 •  We lead by example.

 •  We build trust through listening, being open, honest and consistent.
 •  We support and apply decisions once they are made.
 •  We take responsibility for our actions, our accountability and honor our commitments.