October 20, 2015 Sercel’s QuietSea passive acoustic monitoring system (PAM) continues to gain momentum

Sercel announced today that its revolutionary new QuietSea™ system, used to detect the presence of marine mammals during seismic operations, has been successfully operating onboard multiple seismic vessels across a range of geographical locations.

QuietSea was recently deployed and tested on a major 3D variable-depth streamer survey conducted by CGG in the Atlantic Ocean on behalf of Repsol. Both companies are very committed to environmentally responsible marine seismic acquisition and have been continually evaluating new tools to advance their environmental monitoring and mitigation performance. Chris Simon, a PAM Operator at independent marine consultant Geomotive, who has several years of experience with previous-generation PAM systems and operated QuietSea during the Repsol survey, said: "I would be more than happy to use QuietSea as a primary mitigation tool during night-time and poor visibility as its performance appears to be far better than that of legacy PAM systems".

To broaden industry evaluation of QuietSea in different regions of the world, CGG is also deploying it on a 3D seismic survey it is conducting for a client in South American waters. Eva Rudin, EVP Marine, CGG, said: "QuietSea has been deployed on two major 3D streamer surveys acquired by CGG, totaling 167 days at sea with zero downtime. We are extremely satisfied with its operational performance, the reliability of the equipment deployed at sea and the ease with which it is implemented in our seismic spread."

The first sale of QuietSea to BGR, the German Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources, was made earlier this year and is another example of the geophysical industry’s commitment to minimizing potential impact to marine life. BGR conducted their first 2D survey with QuietSea in the Barents Sea under Arctic conditions.

Pascal Rouiller, Sercel CEO, said: "All recent field test results confirm the progress we are making on our roadmap to position QuietSea as the new industry standard for marine mammal monitoring. I want to thank all stakeholders, namely Repsol, CGG, BGR and Geomotive, for their interest in applying the benefits of the system."

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