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Sercel Launches MetaBlue Land

Sercel Launches MetaBlue Land: A Game-Changing Data-Driven Collaboration Solution for Managing Land Seismic Surveys.

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Sercel unveils 528 & VE564

Sercel Unveils New 528 and VE564 Solutions to Optimize Mega-Crew Surveys

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Natural resources
Infrastructure monitoring
Energy transition
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Marine logistics and port
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Marine logistics & ports
Earth & ocean monitoring

Our Solutions

Subsurface data fidelity

As natural resources become increasingly scarce, harder to locate, and more difficult to recover sustainably, an unsuccessful survey outcome is not an option. We use the wide range of expertise, tools, and skills we've acquired over the years at every stage of development and deployment to ensure that our solutions can sense the Earth with the accuracy and fidelity required to fully understand any subsurface prospect.

At Sercel, continuous efforts are made to ensure that deployed equipment consistently performs over time, from signal emission to sensing and recording. We take a holistic view of the seismic data acquisition chain to ensure that no weak links remain unaddressed. Full field support for optimal technology deployment is also provided.

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Structural monitoring without destructive means

Dynamic structural monitoring of bridges using ambient vibrations, called Operational Modal Analysis (OMA), is a powerful yet simple method to monitor dynamic changes in structures with low intrusiveness. Yet, several barriers hinder its adoption for real world applications, such as a lack of adequate sensors or industrial sensor networks and more generally, a lack of integrated solutions that answer asset owners’ real question: is my structure in good health condition?

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Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility should be an integral part of all marine operations. At Sercel, we consider respect for the environment one of our core values. We apply the deep expertise we've developed over the years at every stage of the product lifecycle, ensuring that our solutions can be deployed safely and that they help marine operations succeed while still adhering to environmental regulations. We actively detect mammal presence during marine activities utilizing real-time monitoring to ensure we are not disturbing the environments in which we operate.

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Site ranking for land project support

When it comes to storage site selection and feasibility, we apply the full breadth of our expertise and resources for a rigorous assessment against our multi-criteria Storage Site Quality Index (SSQI) criteria. These include key parameters such as cap rock strength, reservoir wettability and fluid phase geochemistry. The result is a consistent and transparent ranking of storage sites which quantifies reservoir suitability, containment risks and encompasses surface economic factors, such as infrastructure and regulatory requirements.


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