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Undersea warfare

Undersea warfare consists of operations conducted to establish battlespace dominance in the underwater environment. Sercel participates in the design and manufacturing of detection and measurement systems for submarines and marine drones.



    The undersea warfare market is characterized by the reduction in noise levels of modern submarines, as well as the widening and shifting of conflicts to shallow areas. This necessitates the development of more advanced sensors and detection systems to ensure state sovereignty.




    Sercel is the worldwide leader of the design and manufacturing of towed arrays for offshore oil & gas markets. Our teams are  recognized for the robustness and reliability of our products, and for the quality and precision of the data collected by its systems.
    Sercel has relied on this expertise to participate in the development and manufacturing of military acoustic antennas for the French Navy for decades.
    Our technical skills and knowledge of the marine environment have enabled us to develop high-performance systems adapted to specific applications used in the  defense market.
    These solutions make it possible, among other things, to:

    • Warn of the presence of enemy units without being detected
    • Listen and set the position of torpedoes
    • Relay communications over long distances
    • Securing of the data communicated

    Sercel designs and manufactures custom transducers that can operate in the harshest underwater environments (temperature, shock, vibration) and provide high performance and long-term stability. By offering specific expertise such as finite-element simulation and acoustic tank testing, we can ensure that you are able to meet your highest technical & mechanical expectations.


    MATS3G: Sercel know-how in undersea communication.

    Sercel was awarded, together with Thales, the GICAN prize for defense innovation at the 4th edition of the "Operation i-Naval" event held on July 7 in Toulon France.

    MATS3G is the unique solution for underwater acoustic communication.

    How do you find the right sonar cable ?

    Sercel with DeRegt solutions can provide the perfect defense or sonar cable to ensure the success of your next project.

    We can deliver information about every aspect of your sonar system project – from the various sonar systems to the connection between your desired sonar system and the optimal cable requirements. Of course, we’ll also dive deeper into one of the most important aspects of your defense project: testing and validating.