Reduce our environmental impact

Sercel is dedicated to minimizing its environmental footprint by implementing various measures throughout our production processes.

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Energy sufficiency

  • Target for all our operational sites to be ISO 50001 certified by 2025.
  • Increase the share of renewable energy in our energy mix.
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Sustainable solutions

  • 100% certified Eco-designed products by 2024 to help our customers reducing their environmental impact.
  • Our contribution to energy transition (click here to see more).
  • Buying into a more sustainable value chain : Evaluation of the ESG performance of our main suppliers, Foster the circular economy (click here to see more).
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Resources management

  • Waste : Sercel is committed to reduce waste generation, improve    waste reuse or recycling and limit waste landfill (18% decrease of wastes in 2022, 60% wastes recycled).
  • Water : Sercel has few processes using water and special focus is done to decrease clean water consumption. A particular attention is given to prevent leakages and preserve water.
  • Protecting biodiversity.
  • Sercel aims to limit its impact on the environment. The goal is for all of Sercel's operational sites to be ISO 14001 certified by 2025 (2 sites already certified).
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Key figures

trash field
18% decrease of wastes in 2022
60% wastes recycled
idea normes iso
2 sites ISO 14001 certified