To mitigate environmental issues, it is important to implement sustainable and responsible mining practices, to invest in more optimal exploration technologies in order to limit environmental impacts



    Geophysics offers powerful tools for characterizing the subsoil and identifying potential areas of mineral deposits. These methods help reduce exploration costs, minimize environmental impacts, and make informed mining decisions by minimizing the need for destructive explorations and unnecessary excavations, thereby reducing environmental impacts.




    Sercel is the worldwide leader in seismic acquisition equipment designing and manufacturing ultra-accurate sensors (MEMS ,QS3) and embedded digital solutions for the exploration and monitoring of the subsurface.

    Sercel is the specialist in subsoil imaging by collecting detection and monitoring data to help decision-making by obtaining very high definition in-depth images of the underground.

    These images can reveal the different layers of rocks and geological structures, which can be useful to identify formations favorable to mineral deposits.

    S-scan, our innovative passive seismic geophysical solution, can help provide a very deep and precise imaging of near surface.


    WING land acquisition for mining exploration in Kansanshi copper mine

    Sercel is pleased to announce that its state-of-the-art WiNG land acquisition nodes are making a key contribution to a major mining exploration program in Zambia’s Katangan copper-bearing basin.

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