Train & launch

Experts from Sercel provide skills, training, and assistance on recording equipment, QC workflows, and geophysical parameters to ensure a quick and successful start-up. Our experienced teams will help you every step of the way.

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Proper planning, training, and coordination is critical to the success of every land acquisition project. Serious cost implications can arise from losses incurred during a bad start mission. When you partner with Sercel, you’re never alone. Our experienced teams are available to ensure a quick and efficient start-up, smooth deployment of the right equipment, and overall data integrity. We support each client with a variety of proven processes to set up and test our QC workflow, improve parameters for optimal data quality, perform initial project set up activities, and test the entire acquisition chain – everything needed to build in efficiencies based on decades of experience. 

We train and validate the expertise level of crews, answer client questions, and clear all start-up roadblocks. This ensures that complex set-ups and equipment perform exactly as intended – improving team confidence and avoiding unnecessary delays while helping clients to reach production targets faster.

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For over 60 years, Sercel has supported its clients with innovative land acquisition equipment, proven processes, and exceptional services. Our experienced professionals work with your team to maximize performance while reducing headaches and costly delays. Our goal is to provide the most effective training and launch programs to achieve client success.

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Our experienced professionals will train your observers, vib mechanics, and QC team. Vib mechanics will learn how to install, operate, troubleshoot, and maintain the latest generation of vibrators.

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On-site technical experts will certify proper equipment installation, function, and setup. For existing or new equipment, our field service experts will work with you on installation so that you are comfortable with all operations, answering any questions or concerns along the way.

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To maximize project success, Sercel provides on-site field service experts to help with a variety of support services, including inventory compliance, equipment operability, qualitative performance, testing, and overall operational validation.

Train & launch

Experts from Sercel provide skills, training, and assistance on recording equipment, QC workflows, and geophysical parameters...

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