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Mine countermeasures

Searching for mines today involves the use of autonomous systems (AUV) to indicate the presence and make the threat disappear. Sercel contributes to the supply of different acoustic equipment.

mines countermeasures


    There are numerous countermeasure activities, such as the protection of commercial routes near coastal areas. The market trend is oriented towards autonomous navigation systems. These demining solutions can be equipped with high-performance, discreet, and secure acoustic communication systems, such as MATS3G, enabling decision autonomy.

    mines countermeasures


    mines countermeasures

    One of our core businesses has been supplying bespoke equipment for the undersea security and defense markets for over 30 years.

    Our expertise ranges from an extensive and advanced knowledge base in underwater acoustics, including as exemple sensors for mine explosion validation.

    Sercel provides the French and English navies with an acoustic communication solution for their mines countermeasures (MCM) program through the MATS3G solution.

    As a major player in underwater acoustic communications, adapted to the needs of the defense, Sercel stands out for its ability to provide acoustic solutions for longue range usable in harsh environment , using covert communication.


    Underwater Images transmission

    VITAC from Sercel  is a software module which improves and facilitates image transmission. Even if transmission errors occur, VITAC ensures that transmitted images can still be visualized. Typical compression rate: 20 (24-bit image).

    TRIDENT from Sercel is a string of four hydrophones which improves the high-data-rate communication in horizontal channels (shallow water) and noisy environments. Trident manages the processing of multipath spreading for an improved signal-to-noise ratio. Signal-to-noise improvement: 6dB

    Minimize environmental impact of mine explosions.

    What's the consequence on marine mammals of a mine explosion ? 

    Catastrophic. It’s our goal to provide our customers with the resources required to detect in real-time the presence of mammals around all potential explosives. Safety for all – including marine life and human life is always a priority at Sercel.