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Vibrator auto-guidance Brochure (EN)

Auto-Guidance is a solution optimizing the vibrator move-up time between two VPs.

  • Specifications
Nomad Specifications (EN)

Nomad is the Sercel range of seismic vibrators offering high quality signals together with a high level of reliability, productivity and safety. 

  • Specifications
VE564 Specifications (EN)

Sercel’s vibrator electronics are regarded as the industry standard and boast the largest number of installations in the market. 

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Instructions logistiques Sercel France (FR)

Cette instruction décrit les exigences générales de Sercel s’appliquant à toute livraison et toute prestation de service sur tous les sites de Sercel en France...

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Logistics instructions Sercel France (EN)

This document is a description of Sercel general requirements for any delivery or service provided to any of the Sercel Divisions in France...

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Purchasing terms Sercel France (EN)

The General Terms and Conditions of Purchase set forth herein (the “Terms and Conditions”) shall govern any contractual relationship between SERCEL (“Buyer”) and its Vendors. 

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Conditions Générales d'Achats (CGA) Sercel France (FR)

Les présentes Conditions Générales d'Achat (les « Conditions Générales ») ont pour objet de définir le cadre des relations contractuelles entre Sercel (l’« Acheteur ») et ses Fournisseurs.

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General terms and conditions of purchase Sercel Inc. (EN)

By accepting this purchase order, and/or performing hereunder, seller agrees to comply fully with these general terms and conditions of purchase and any specific terms stated in the purchase...

  • Abstract
State of the art land source solutions for efficient seismic operations

Continuous improvement of seismic operation efficiency is a key goal for contractors and operators .

  • Abstract
Overall Source Effectiveness: Getting the most out of land source assets

Densifying seismic acquisition surveys for a cost that is in line with the benefits expected in terms of improved imaging relies on a dual approach.

  • Abstract
Optimizing Seismic Operations by Breaking Silos and Leveraging Data

The context of the seismic industry has drastically changed during the last decade. Exploration is decreasing while operators are focusing on optimizing their current assets.

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Broadband solutions for ultra-deep imaging: theory and experience in China and in the world

Extending the seismic signal frequency towards the low frequencies has become almost standard on seismic projects, owing to the benefits it provides in terms of vertical resolution, signal...