With more facilities and increasing numbers of qualified fabrication and repair personnel across the globe, Sercel is able to provide more reliable and expedient service every day for the geophysical exploration industry worldwide.

Repair Matrix Capabilities

  • repair live
  • Worldwide manufacturing and repair facilities allow Sercel to provide quick response to our customers on a global scale, and investment in new production methods and technologically advanced equipment ensure our continued ability to produce and sustain Sercel products. Sercel has kept pace with the growing demand for cables and electronics and cable repair by forward-looking investment in manufacturing and repair facilities and by assuring that Sercel is positioned to provide the products and support customers have come to expect.​

  • repair live
  • Repair live

    Submit a request (REF)

    Follow your repair (RMA)

    This online-services platform has been developed for the return and repair of all Sercel electronics and streamer products. ​​You will be able to submit repair requests directly to Sercel repair centers.

    Check the Repair live use.pdf before using Repair live and our latest Custom Values for Repairs.pdf in the Repair documents​​ tab.

    Repair processes

    Sending your equipment

    After sending your Return Equipment Form (R.E.F) through RepairLive:

    • Service Center checks REF content. If product is no handled by the site chosen, Service Center Rep will advice customer and will redirect/assign the REF to a different Service Center.
    • Each Service Center assigned to the product line will issue an RMA (Return Material Authorization) and shipping instructions (bottom of the page) to customer.
    • Customer is instructed to reference the RMA number in all logistic documentation (invoice, packing list, AWB or BL) and provide them at least 48 hours prior shipment to avoid customs penalties, delay or storage fees.
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  • Repairing your equipment

    Sercel receives faulty equipment:

    • Sercel informs the customer if any discrepancies between the REF and what has been received.
    • Sercel issues an order acknowledgement confirming receipt of cargo and lets customer know an evaluation's quote will follow.
    • Sercel sends the customer an estimate of repair cost and awaits for approval and PO/funds.
    • When approval and PO are received, Sercel starts Repair Process.
  • repairing
  • Finishing repair

    Sercel finishes repair and:

    • Notifies customer of repair completion and awaits logistic instructions.
    • Sends back to customer repaired equipment along with Summary RMA Report (also available in Repair Live).
    • Sends customer an email with shipping tracking details (AWB, BL, DHL, UPS, FEDEx, etc).
    • Closes the related RMA and automatically an invoice is generated to the customer to complete/close the customer REF/RMA request.
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  • Recycle your product

    Sercel aims to reduce its environmental impact (and avoid transportation). In this regard, if any equipment that you have sent to Sercel under the RMA (Repair/Maintenance) process turns out to be "non-repairable", we now offer to destroy it locally. A certificate of destruction will be issued for each equipment.

    If you have a problem with an equipment supplied by Sercel and wish to destroy it outside of the RMA process, you can contact our service centers according to your location to obtain the contact information of our local partners:

    China (Beijing) :
    France :
    India (Dehradun) :
    Russia (Surgut) :
    Singapore (Singapore) :
    U.A.E. (Dubai) :
    U.S.A. (Houston) :​