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Geotechnical monitoring

What happens at the surface is often the result of underground movements. Today it is possible to anticipate the underground deformations by the high-resolution visualization and analysis for characterization of the near-surface variability.

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  • Ground Engineering Monitoring

      Subsoil knowledge is important to safely implement or maintain infrastructure as Railway or building while tunneling. Geophysics allows the optimization of coring and to prevent deformation and collapse. Sercel’s innovative S-scan solution uses passive seismic waves as the ones obtained by passing trains. With S-scan, our near surface geophysical engineering solution, we are capable of harvesting high resolution visualization of the subsoil for characterization of near-surface variability.


      Geophyscal Engineering Monitoring


    • Geophyscal Engineering Monitoring
    • S-scan is a unique and versatile solution, designed to perform simplified high-resolution scans or long-term monitoring with quick installation.

      Coupled with the highest precision sensors in the market (Wing / 508)     or DAS (fiber optic sensing), the continuous source - free of excitation - allows noise elimination by a larger and higher quantity of waves. This results in higher resolution images of the subsoil than conventional methods to preventively detect sinkholes and cavities.

      In these conditions, remedial maintenance cost is reduced considerably by precision of the geotechnical borings.

      As safety is the most important parameter, S-scan anticipates instability before unexpected critical events, providing safety for rail passengers and freight.


      How anticipated the beginning of creation of subsidence?

      Current solutions can detect sinkholes, but it's usually too late and unnecessary safety issues may occur such as a derailment.

      With S-scan it's possible to assess sinkholes, potential cavities and unstable areas to help reduce or eliminate risks.

      S-scan provides your team with the ability to optimize and accurately determine more efficient drilling points.”

      Bedrock localization with deep imaging up to 500 ft/152m

      Most of the time it's difficult to define sub-soil structure because drilling operations are blind and can't go deep.

      How to define bedrock position in this situation?

      S-scan, our innovative geophysical solution, can help provide a very deep and precise imaging of near surface (more than 328 ft/100 m depth) to confirm bedrock position or help to optimize coring or drilling.”