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Environmentally responsible, industry-leading products and services that enable service providers and operators in the oil and gas industries to efficiently plan, design, and execute surveys for accurate subsurface insight and understanding.

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    Energy companies play critical roles in the discovery, extraction, and management of the Earth's oil and gas. They also bear a tremendous responsibility to manage projects sustainably and minimize their environmental impact. Modern seismic surveying is an incredible enabler of this mission. It provides non-intrusive, accurate insight into the Earth's subsurface with a small footprint and minimal environmental disturbance, and it can be used anywhere, including the world's most naturally sensitive areas or congested zone.

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    Field-proven, sustainable solutions for the toughest challenges: 60 years+ of innovation and supply commitment to the sector.

    With unmatched industry expertise, Sercel is the specialist of integrated solutions for any surveying location, any subsurface prospect and any seismic operation. With leading-edge seismic equipment and industry-proven seismic data acquisition systems, Sercel has become the leading global provider of software systems and services for seismic operations. Sercel conducts surveys for exploration and management of natural resources around the globe.


    Subsurface data fidelity

    As natural resources become increasingly scarce, harder to locate, and more difficult to recover sustainably, an unsuccessful survey outcome is not an option.

    We use the wide range of expertise, tools, and skills we've acquired over the years at every stage of development and deployment to ensure that our solutions can sense the Earth with the accuracy and fidelity required to fully understand any subsurface prospect.

    At Sercel, continuous efforts are made to ensure that deployed equipment consistently performs over time, from signal emission to sensing and recording.We take a holistic view of the seismic data acquisition chain to ensure that no weak links remain unaddressed. Full field support for optimal technology deployment is also provided.

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    Environmental responsibility

    In today’s world, environmental responsibility should be an integral part of all operations. At Sercel, we are proud of our SDR commitment, and consider respect for the environment one of our core values.

    We apply the deep expertise we've developed over the years at every stage of the product lifecycle, ensuring that our solutions can be deployed safely and that they help field operations succeed while still adhering to environmental regulations. We are constantly working to reduce the footprint of seismic acquisition and aim to exceed industry standards for minimizing operational disturbance to vegetation, fauna, and local communities where operations take place.

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    High performance operations

    Timeline reduction, cost control, data quality, and lowering QHSE and environmental risks are all critical to the success of an acquisition project. In today's environment, achieving high levels of performance through lean operations is a must. At Sercel, we apply our recent history's expanded capabilities to deploy solutions that help achieve targets for well-managed, controlled, and optimized seismic acquisition operations.  

    We combine hard work with innovation to push through existing challenges and find new ways to improve processes and products. Our technologies and knowledge can be used to their fullest potential in the field thanks to facilitated access to expertise and comprehensive data collection and transformation capability, supported by custom digital platforms deployable in the field.

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    Train & launch

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    Operational excellence

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