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Offshore wind

Sercel supports the offshore industry to collect sensing & monitoring data to make decisions, comply with regulations and reduce risks before, during and after maritime operations.

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      The offshore wind market is growing with a steady increase in installed capacity in recent years.

      Offshore wind farms provide a clean, renewable source of energy to meet the growing demand for electricity. Offshore wind technologies have also undergone a significant evolution, offering ever larger and more efficient wind turbines as well as improved construction, installation and consequently monitoring techniques.

      However, the high initial cost of offshore wind projects remains a challenge for the expansion of this market. This is why it’s essential to optimize exploration and geotechnics with precision, while paying particular attention to the protection of marine mammals in underwater environment. 

      marine operational excellence applications


      Sercel offers a unique and proven range of solutions and products that will support your operations, both from a technical and economical perspective.  

      For demanding customers in a fast-growing market, we are here to assist in the design, preparation and execution of your offshore projects giving flexibility of choice.

      Sercel helps decisionmakers to comply with regulations and reduce risks before, during and after maritime operations.

      Sercel supports the offshore industry in order to collect sensing and monitoring data for help in decision making

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      Digital Twin : Jacket type offshore wind turbine monitoring

      Digital Twins enable more accurate, proactive monitoring of offshore wind turbines.

      Using s-morpho sensors and artifcial intelligence, our technology collects real-time data on the health of your wind turbines. 

      This data is then used to identify signs of fatigue and wear, allowing preventive maintenance costs. 


      Passive Acoustic Monitoring Equipment - Quietsea buoy

      During all the steps of windfarm installation, it's very important to define mammal population presence but also to be alerted during operation.

      Offshore windfarm projects are mainly in coastal areas either on cetacean (whale, dolphin, and porpoise) migration roads or with presence of marine mammals. When construction generates acoustic noise at sea (pile driving, vessels, etc.), measures to accurately assess the abundance of cetaceans on the area and to prevent any interference with cetaceans during maritime works are necessary and sometimes required by regulators.

      Do you know that Sercel can provide an autonomous and real time monitoring solution on a buoy?

      Offshore substation monopile structural monitoring

      How is it possible to validate static deformation and operational Modal analysis numerical model and correlate model with sea, wind states and vessels docking?

      S-morpho solution provides the capability to calibrate numerical model using IP68 node with a real-time monitoring using static deformation and operational modal analysis.


    • Carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS)