Delivering seismic data from ultra-deep underwater environments


Conducting underwater seismic surveys can be an extremely challenging task, requiring the deployment of specialized equipment such as ocean-bottom seismometers in hostile environments, often several thousand meters beneath sea-level.

  • microbs at sea
  • Such equipment needs to be able to operate with reliability and longevity, providing highly-accurate seismic data which is used by scientists and engineers to gain new insight into the condition of underwater sedimentary and crust layers.

    The IPGP (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris) carried out an oceanographic mission in the mid-Atlantic Ocean, using 85 MicrOBS ocean bottom seismometers developed in partnership between the Ifremer (French Institute for Marine Research) and Sercel Underwater Acoustics.

  • microbs launching at sea


    Focus on an oceanographic mission using 85 Sercel's MicrOBS ocean bottom seismometers. 

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