First installation of S-lynks monitoring solution!


Sercel recently carried out the first permanent installation of the S-lynks monitoring solution on the Lagnieu Bridge in France.


The installation, conducted in partnership with APAVE, is in response to the CEREMA led “Connected Bridges” program.

A total of 13 S-lynks nodes have been fastened across the whole length of the bridge and are expected to remain in place for 2 years.

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The bridge response to excitation resulting from the everyday ambient forces applied to it will be recorded at regular intervals in order to provide comprehensive monitoring of the entire structure using OMA (Operational Modal Analysis).

Measurements will be wirelessly transmitted to a Sercel cloud database for advanced automatic OMA processing and make it accessible from any remote device for analysis. 

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This will allow early detection of potential anomalies and enable bridge operators to better schedule maintenance and identify when remedial action may be required.

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