A large-scale seismic survey for geothermal energy


Geothermal energy is a reliable (non-intermittent) renewable energy, with low greenhouse gas emissions, which can be used for home heating or the production of electricity. Before launching an exploitation phase, an evaluation phase is necessary to locate a geothermal resource accurately and assess its geological potential. The exact position of fractured structures allowing water flow, and the estimation of groundwater reservoir temperatures must be taken into account when selecting an optimal location for geothermal investment. These parameters require best-in-class seismic analysis equipment.

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  • This is the framework of a project carried out last fall by Smart Seismic Solutions - S³ on behalf of SIG in Geneva, where reserves of superheated water are present in the region’s subsurface.

    In order to accurately locate and recover the resource, a seismic survey was performed across an area of more than 180 km2 of very diverse field types (central urban, suburban, industrial, Geneva airport, etc) and focused down to reservoir depths of 3 km.

    More than 20,000 WiNG nodes were installed in this broad and highly complex environment. Thanks to the device’s easy deployment and retrieval as well as its compactness, the survey was conducted efficiently and with no disturbance to occupants.

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    With its Pathfinder technology, Sercel’s wireless nodal solution enabled the operators to monitor in real time the status of the whole acquisition spread, thereby ensuring optimal data recording.

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    This geophysical survey is a first in Europe in terms of its complexity and size. For Sercel it is also an opportunity to demonstrate the versatility of its equipment, and show that its expertise can meet the new challenges of energy transition.

    To find out more about this specific seismic survey for geothermal water resource exploration in Geneva, please watch our video!


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    WiNG in Geneva Geothermal
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