A new wave in marine seismic source technology


Nicolas Tellier, Julien Large, Shuki Ronen and Jeremy Aznar present two innovate marine sources intended to address current industry key expectations in terms of seismic signal generation.


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While innovation in marine equipment has mainly concerned receiver technologies over the last few decades, a new focus within marine sources is drawing ever-increasing expectations in the industry to meet two key evolutions in offshore seismic acquisition.

Reduced seismic signal energy in the audible bandwidth of marine mammals is becoming a must-have, either as a reflection of marine players’ environmental awareness or as a way to meet ever-demanding regulations.

On the other hand, low frequencies have become paramount – if not a standard – to achieve superior seismic imaging and reservoir characterization, all the more when deep targets or complex geologies are at stake.

After several years of development, optimization and field validation, two innovative marine sources intended to address these new requirements are herein introduced. The Bluepulse, available either as a complete source or as a straightforward upgrade of existing inventories, scales down the high-frequency output of conventional pneumatic sources. 

In a more disruptive approach, the Tuned Pulse Source (TPS) yields unprecedented performance in low-frequency signal generation.

Read the complete article published in the November issue of First Break magazine to find out more about those innovate marine source solutions.

bluepulse installed underwater



A new wave in marine
seismic source technology

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