Offshore substation monopile


Monitoring the behavior of structures makes it possible to study the structural impact of the environment to validate the digital models with physical data allowing set-up of Digital Twin. 

Infrastructure monitoring SHM


Electrical substation monitoring.

Dynamic behavior management for numerical model validation.

Correlation with sea, wind states and vessel docking.

Infrastructure monitoring SHM


Installation of a network of 8 x IP68 (Water proof) cabled S-Morpho Nodes 

Performance in vibration measurements 

Programmable bandwidth from [0-20Hz] to [0-500Hz]
Accuracy of 7µg/Hz

Performance in inclinometry or static deformation reconstruction

Accuracy : +/- 0.01 mm/m
Dimension of the instrumented structures : from a few meters to more than one kilometer
Unique calibration performed at S-morpho

Data Processing Toolbox

Enables the transformation of raw measurements into actionable insights


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Successful real-time dynamic behavior monitoring of an Offshore Wind monopile! 

  • Real time structural monitoring and data acquisition
  • Static deformation and Operational Modal Analysis (OMA)
  • Success in model Calibration
  • Events (waves, docking, …) classification.


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