Securing Offshore Assets: Elevating Safety and Monitoring with the Marlin Application Suite


The protection of offshore structures, including oil rigs, pipelines, subsea cables, and wind farms, is paramount for both personnel safety and asset integrity. In the dynamic landscape of technological advancements, the Marlin Application Suite introduces a robust solution for continuous monitoring and enhanced security.

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  • Real-time Safeguarding: Protecting Offshore Assets

    Geofencing, a pivotal feature within the Marlin Application Suite, is a technology that establishes a virtual perimeter around a specific location.


    Our intelligent system triggers alerts when vessels enter or exit these boundaries, ensuring immediate notification for operators.


    Through real-time monitoring, the Marlin Application Suite empowers operators with timely alerts, mitigating potential threats to offshore assets effectively.

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  • Navigating Securely: Geofencing for Disciplined Vessel Traffic

    The Marlin Application Suite excels in real-time tracking of vessel movements, enabling operators to observe and analyze vessel behavior promptly. For instance, the system can swiftly alert operators to unusual vessel approaches, such as high speeds. This early warning mechanism is instrumental in preventing collisions and reducing risks to offshore structures.

    Moreover, geofencing capabilities within the Marlin Application Suite extend to controlling vessel traffic. By establishing virtual boundaries around critical assets, operators ensure that vessels adhere to designated areas, minimizing the environmental impact and accidental damage to offshore structures.

    COmbatting Illegal Activities: A Comprehensive Approach

    Beyond security, the Marlin Application Suite addresses the detection and prevention of illegal activities, such as unauthorized fishing or smuggling. Virtual boundaries are strategically placed to identify potential hotspots, triggering alerts to authorities when a vessel breaches these areas.



    Real-time AIS & RADAR Integration: Key to Geofencing Effectiveness

    To harness the full potential of geofencing technology within the Marlin Application Suite, access to real-time AIS and RADAR data is imperative. Automatic Identification System (AIS) data offers critical information on vessel location, speed, and direction. For those vessels that consider themselves outside of the AIS laws of the sea, the Marlin Application Suite integrates with RADAR to identify them. This real-time data is indispensable for accurate monitoring of vessel behavior and swift responses to potential threats.

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  • In Conclusion

    Marlin Application Suite - Ensuring Offshore Security

    Geofencing technology, within the Marlin Application Suite, emerges as a dependable method for safeguarding offshore structures. By providing real-time vessel monitoring, early threat detection, and controlled traffic management, the Marlin Application Suite plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and security of vital offshore assets amid the escalating demand for their deployment.

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