Sercel makes another major sale of 508XT in North Africa


Sercel announced today the sale of an 80,000-channel 508XT acquisition system and 24 Nomad 65 Neo broadband vibrators for deployment on a 3D mega-crew seismic survey in North Africa in late 2023.

Nomad dry land sand

This new equipment will join an existing installed base of two 508XT systems, representing a total 180,000 channels, and a fleet of 30 Nomad 90 Neo vibrators that were delivered in 2021 to equip two other major projects in the same area.

The Nomad 65 Neo all-terrain vibrator, selected for its ability to operate efficiently in harsh conditions, will be used with Sercel’s Smart LF software to reduce vibrator-induced low-frequency distortion and record a high-quality dataset over the widest frequency range. Sercel’s Vibrator Auto-Guidance solution will also be used to significantly increase vibroseis productivity. When combined with the reliable and easy-to-deploy 508XT acquisition system, this set of equipment will ensure large-scale and error-free operations.

Emmanuelle Dubu, Sercel CEO, said: “We are very proud to have been selected to equip a major onshore survey in North Africa for the third time in under two years. It demonstrates once again that Sercel’s field-proven technology is an obvious choice for mega-crew configurations. With the combined performance of our 508XT, Nomad 65 Neo, Smart LF and Vibrator Auto-Guidance solutions, our client will be well placed to overcome the challenges of desert operations while maintaining the highest productivity, reliability and safety levels.”

Nomad dry land sand

SmartLF for robust and straightforward reduction of low-frequency distortion

A new approach for reducing the low-frequency distortion

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