Sercel Makes Another Major Sale of its Nodal OBN Solution


Sercel is pleased to announce the sale of a second batch of 12,000 GPR300 nodes to BGP Inc., following their earlier major order of 18,000 nodes in 2021. 

GPR seabed

This represents a significant increase in the seismic survey equipment currently being deployed on a project in the Middle East. Impressed by the outstanding performance of the GPR300, the crew expects a further improvement in productivity. Now deploying a total of 30,000 nodes, the operation is considered the largest seabed seismic exploration project to date and demonstrates Sercel’s ability to provide state-of-the-art seismic acquisition solutions for even the very largest OBN projects.

Liu HaiBo, BGP Offshore President, commented: “First results have clearly shown the GPR300’s efficiency in the shallow water environment and its added value for high-precision subsurface imaging. For these reasons, it seemed obvious to continue and widen our collaborative work with Sercel to provide essential support to our client for its upcoming challenging projects.”

Emmanuelle Dubu, Sercel CEO, said: “This new major sale of our GPR300 solution featuring QuietSeis®, the most accurate sensor in the industry, reaffirms the confidence that BGP and its client have in our solutions. Sercel is always attuned to the market’s needs and strives to develop and introduce innovative technologies well ahead of the curve and act as a pioneer in the field of ocean bottom nodal acquisition.”


GPR seabed

GPR300 A step change in image resolution

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