Sercel makes sale of Marlin vessel monitoring and alert system to ExxonMobil Guyana Ltd


Sercel announced today the sale of Marlin™, an innovative vessel monitoring and alert system, to ExxonMobil Guyana Ltd. to support its offshore operations in Guyana. 

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  • As part of the wider Sercel Marlin software suite for optimizing offshore operations, the Marlin vessel monitoring and alert system represents a significant advance in offshore operational safety. The sophisticated system is designed to protect floating production storage and offloading platforms (FPSOs) and other high-value assets against a wide range of marine risks, even in the most challenging marine environments. The solution’s real-time monitoring and proactive intelligence capabilities deliver comprehensive insights into vessel movements, operational parameters, and potential risks, enabling operators to make more informed decisions and enhance operational safety.

    Jerome Denigot, Sercel CEO, said: “Marking the culmination of our client’s multi-year use of our Sercel software and services to optimize its marine operational projects, this Marlin vessel monitoring and alert system award recognizes the value of our technical solutions and our commitment to delivering excellence and innovation in the offshore sector. Our Marlin software suite offers energy and other offshore operators the right tools to enhance safety, efficiency, and compliance across their operations.”

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