Sercel Unveils New 528 and VE564 Solutions to Optimize Mega-Crew Surveys


Sercel is pleased to announce the launch of its next-generation 528TM land acquisition system and VE564TM vibrator electronics to improve recording capacity, reliability, productivity, and data fidelity to meet the latest challenging survey requirements.

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  • Building on the proven strengths of Sercel’s widely adopted 508XT technology, the 528 is the most advanced cable-based system available, with new enhancements such as the lightest weight and the lowest power consumption, allowing it to be solar-powered. Its scalable architecture also gives it maximum flexibility to adapt to different-sized projects, ranging from mega-crew surveys to smaller projects, with the same efficiency.

    The latest VE564 vibroseis electronics technology can be embedded within the 528 platform and easily reconfigured for efficient operations with the WiNGNT wireless system. Combined with the 528, the VE564 solution minimizes downtime and boosts productivity through powerful decision-making tools, such as innovative productivity dashboards, for optimized vibrator fleet management.


    Sophie Zurquiyah, CEO, Viridien, said: “We are pleased to unveil our groundbreaking 528 and VE564 land solutions designed to address our customers' most complex operational and geophysical challenges. Both solutions incorporate innovative features that provide unparalleled operational gains, resulting in increased productivity, cost reduction, and successful land seismic projects.”

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