Successful start-up of two large-scale 508XT systems in Saudi Arabia!


Sercel is pleased to announce the successful simultaneous start-up of two large-scale 508XT land seismic acquisition systems on two separate 3D mega-crew surveys in Saudi Arabia!

nomad 90 in the desert

In total, this represents the deployment of over 160,000 channels of 508XT and more than 80 Nomad 65 Neo all-terrain vibrators.

Despite the numerous challenges imposed by the pandemic, we were still able to meet all our delivery, logistical and system commissioning targets.

In addition, both crews have been reporting outstanding productivity levels from the very start of operations with more than 10,000 VPs recorded based on 12 fleets of 2 vibrators on day 1!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their trust in Sercel and their direct involvement in these very efficient startups.

508 XT product on land desert environment seismic mesurement


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