Transition Zone Survey Using 508XT


TNG-Group, a Russian oilfield servicing provider, conducted 3D surveys along the Ob river. The objective of these seismic and electromagnetic surveys was to trace rupture anomalies, including low-amplitude dislocations and fracture zones, in an intertidal area of 135 km².


Located in northern Russia, Siberia has one of the world’s largest reserves of gas. It is also well known for its harsh climatic conditions. 

During the fall of 2019 and 2020, TNG-Group conducted 3D surveys along the Ob river. The layout crew was equipped with light all-terrain vehicles especially adapted for the tundra and with small rigid boats for the marine portions of the survey. A hovercraft was also used allowing quick access across the prospect.

Acquisition was carried out using Sercel’s 508XT Transition Zone solution, specifically designed for this very challenging type of environment.

Find out more about the survey's operational and climate-related challenges and how 508XT Transition Zone system succeeded in ensuring continuous shooting and uninterrupted operations.

Thank you to TNG Group for their cooperation in preparing this material.

508 XT from above on grass and plugged



Focus on a transition zone survey using 508XT

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