Underwater images transmission


As a major player in underwater acoustic communications tailored to the needs of the defense and oceanology markets, Sercel stands out for its ability to communicate over long distances, using stealth communication, and is already participating in the future development of underwater acoustic communications.

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    MATS3G is a single solution for all underwater communication needs.

    MATS3G is the underwater acoustic modem that leverages Digital Signal Processing technology to ensure reliable, long-range communication.

    MATS3G series is defines by high, medium, low or ultra low frequency module, Long-range solution (MATS3G-12kHz) up to 15 Km or high-speed solution (MATS3G - 34kHz) up to 24.6 kbps.

    Sercel can answer to specific demands and customize MATS3G technology depending on needs.

    See below the video created from a succession of images retransmitted in an underwater environment between an AUV and a support boat for example.

    VITAC from Sercel  is a software module which improves and facilitates image transmission. Even if transmission errors occur, VITAC ensures that transmitted images can still be visualized. Typical compression rate: 20 (24-bit image).

    TRIDENT from Sercel is a string of four hydrophones which improves the high-data-rate communication in horizontal channels (shallow water) and noisy environments. Trident manages the processing of multipath spreading for an improved signal-to-noise ratio. Signal-to-noise improvement: 6dB


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