Where next for Land Nodal systems?


Steve Wilcox examines the present land wireless marketplace and forecasts how it may develop in the future. 

wing in field

In North America or Europe, the wireless revolution has continued and these markets are now almost completely dominated by wireless systems. However, there has also been an evolution in the type of wireless system used in these markets. As predicted, an increasing share of the market is being taken by a particular class of wireless system, which is referred to as land nodal systems.

These systems are characterized by using highly integrated field units with internal batteries, integrated sensors, around a month of battery autonomy, and generally record their data into internal memories. Data offloading and battery charging are normally performed in a central location in a rack, and there is often no, or limited means of monitoring the operation of the field units (or nodes) while acquisition is in progress.

There are currently six systems, which are in production and being actively marketed. The characteristics of those nodes are described in the article. 

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Where next for land nodal systems?

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