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DSU1 508 product on grass with flowers



    DSU1-508, featuring QuietSeis™, is Sercel’s newest and most advanced digital sensor using next generation MEMS technology.

    DSU1 508 product on sand


    DSU1 508 product in hand

    Fully integrated with 508XT, the innovative design of QuietSeis provides the most accurate data for any survey type up to 1,000,000 channels.

    Key Benefits


    • Lowest Noise Level: 15ng/√Hz
    • Lowest distorsion: -90dB
    • Broadest bandwith: 0 - 800Hz


    • Lowest Power Consumption: 85mW
    • Opportunistic troubleshooting


    • Fully redundant X-Tech™ architecture
    • Immunity to statics
    DSU1 508 product in hand with grass field


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