Nomad 65 Neo

All-terrain vibrator

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nomad 65 neo product on desert with sunset


    Nomad 65 Neo

    Nomad 65 Neo is the new all-terrain broadband vibrator.  Evolution of the popular Nomad 65 with enhanced mechanical and hydraulic components and shaker redesign, it is capable of delivering stronger low frequency content with full drive achieved from 5.4Hz.

    nomad 65 neo truck in desert environment for seismic operation


    nomad 65 neo truck in desert environment with sunshine

    Enhanced performance, all-terrain broadband vibrator.
    This enhanced performance is made possible using the latest innovations in shaker and hydraulic circuitry design.
    Another newly developed feature is the IPM (Intelligent Power Management) system. By optimizing engine efficiency, IPM will reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%. The IPM option can be also be integrated into existing Nomad 65.

    Key Benefits


    • Stronger low frequency: 5.4Hz @ full drive


    • Up to 15% fuel savings with IPM


    • Lower noise level
    • User-friendly interface
    Nomad 65 neo from above in desert environment


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