Nomad 90 neo

Broadband all-terrain

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Nomad 90 Neo truck in desert operation sercel


    Nomad 90 Neo

    Nomad 90 Neo is Sercel's super-heavy vibrator. With its advanced design which includes a long mass stroke, heavy mass and high hydraulic pressure, it is ideally suited to the generation of high-quality, low-frequency sweeps.

    Nomad 90 neo in desert environment front view sand sercel


    Nomad 90 neo truck in sloppy desert environment rockz sercel

    Nomad 90 Neo also features a 90,000 lbf hydraulic peak force and an ultra-stiff baseplate to improve high-frequency signal fidelity.

    Nomad 90 Neo brings a tremendous productivity gain compared to conventional vibrators, thanks to a very low full-drive start frequency.

    Nomad 90 Neo is totally compatible with IPM, a unique option developed for the Nomad vibrator family.

    Key Benefits


    • Stronger low frequency : 5 Hz @ Full drive
    • High-frequency signal fidelity


    • Highest peak force : 90,000 lbf
    • Sweep length reduction


    • Up to 15% fuel savings with IPM
    • Improved compact design
    nomad 90 neo in desert land from behind with backlight


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