Continuous static and dynamic strucTural monitoring

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    • Overview


      S-morpho  is a cabled continuous static and dynamic, in real time, structural monitoring solution. 

      It's a versatile offer to continuously monitor simple to complex infrastructure/asset.

      It can be used in harsh environment (IP68, ATEX).  

      S-morpho node markets structural monitoring, offshore wind


      The measurement

      Very high performance 3-axis MEMS accelerometer (inclinometer and vibration), a 3-axis gyrometer, 3-axis magnetometer and a temperature measurement.

      Performance in inclinometry or static deformation reconstruction 

      • Accuracy : +/- 0.01 mm/m
      • Dimension of the instrumented structures : from a few meters to more than one kilometer
      • Unique calibration performed at S-morpho

      Performance in vibration measurements 

      • Programmable bandwidth from [0-20Hz] to [0-500Hz]
      • Accuracy of 7µg/Hz


      • Up to 30 integrated measurement nodes on the same sensor network 
      • Up to 1.5 km in length for a single sensor network
    • S-morpho Node Electronic Transparent
    • Continuous monitoring solution including

      Data Acquisition

      • Single cable hard-wired Sensor Network (IP65,IP68, ATEX)
      • Compatible with existing sensors
      • Data Management, storage & Visualisation Tool

      Data Processing Toolbox 

      • Enables the transformation of raw measurements into actionable insights

      Static / Dynamic

      • Deformations / Twists / Convergence
      • Dynamic deformation / Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) / Frequency Tracking


      • Create predictive behavior models based data only (without physical information about the structure)
    • Real-time monitoring system static and dynamic
    • S-morpho range

      S-morpho IP65

      S-morpho IP65 is cabled static and dynamic modal sensors.

      S-morpho IP65 sensor is used for real time, continuous and simultaneous static and dynamic asset monitoring.

      Dedicated to monitoring applications in classical envrionments.

    • S-morpho IP65 node structural monitoring
    • S-morpho IP68

      S-morpho IP68 is certified for depths of up to 100m in seawater.

      Fully waterproof, the IP68 version makes applications in underwater environments possible.

    • IP68 node s-morpho
    • S-morpho ATEX

      S-morpho ATEX is ATEX Z1 and Z21 certified for applications the harshest environments.

      The ATEX version allows deployment in the explosive zones.

    • S-morpho ATEX structural monitoring
    • S-morpho multi

      To connect existing sensors (other than the original system) to the acquisition system.

      S-morpho multi offers 3 types of Interoperable nodes :

      • Specific for strain gauge 

      • For analog output sensors

      • For digital output sensor 

      These interoperable nodes allow the interconnection and integration into all types of existing sensors according to monitoring applications targeted

      Examples : Crack meter, intertial unit, weather station, water level radar, video camera Interoperable nodes are avaible in IP65 packaging only.

    • Interoperable node s-morpho structural monitoring
    • S-morpho gateway

      Interface between the system and the outside world. It records data from the nodes, compresses it and sends it over 4G or Ethernet to a cloud server.

      In case of inacessibility to the internet, it can be used in local mode and transfer the data by USB to store them on external hard drive. It also serves as a configuration interface for the user and allows the system to be set up via its Wi-fi Links.

      The gateway has a Sigfox communication allowing to send back statuses and system alerts.

    • S-morpho gateway structural monitoring
    • Dashboard

      The computer architecture is based on a cloud platform that allows asset management, remote parameter modification, and display of data and indicators from the monitoring.

      The exploitation and display of data and information are done through access to a visualization interface and dashboards, adaptable to both non-specialists and experts.

    • Dashboard s-morpho node structural monitoring


      • S-morpho is a versatile structural monitoring solution that can adapt to various structures and integrate existing sensors. 

      EASE OF USE 

      • S-morpho customizable user interface (UI/UX) simplifies indicator reading via secure communication. 
      • The Monitoring Toolbox provides static, dynamic and environmental structural indicators on a secure IT platform with analysis tools. 


      • S-morpho's robust design ensures effortless deployement in any environment or structure. 
      • S-morpho solution can be used in any harsh environment, thanks to IP68 or ATEX nodes. 
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