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N.G marine seismic recorder

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    Seal 428

    The Seal 428 is the new large capacity and high-resolution seismic data acquisition system designed for marine towed streamers acquisition.

    sercel boat with seal 428 system offshore underwater seismic acquisition


    sercel seismic acquisition equipment seal 428 system

    Seal 428 derives its high reliability and versatility from Sercel’s extensive experience in cable telemetry systems and from the use of the most advanced electronics and workstation technology.

    The Seal 428 supports extremely long offset recording as well as an unlimited streamer number for increased productivity and data quality.
    The system has also been designed to match the industry’s expectations for true zero dead time continuous recording, crucial for multi-vessel acquisitions such as Wide Azimuth and undershooting.

    Taking advantage of Sentinel®, the industry’s only true solid streamer, and of Nautilus®, Sercel’s streamer guidance and control system, and as a result of the outstanding noise performance when using this combination, the Seal 428 offers the highest efficiency and best quality seismic data recordable today.

    Key Benefits


    • Extremely long offsets recording


    • Multi-vessel operations


    • Real-time data QC
    offshore boat seismic acquisition survey underwater system sercel


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