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    • Overview

      Sentinel HR

      Sentinel HR is the new Sercel solid streamer designed with a very short channel spacing for high resolution acquisition.

      wind turbine field offshore


    • sentinel hr underwater scheme
    • Our advanced Sentinel HR integrates the highest performing hydrophone configuration while benefiting from Sentinel’s industry leading capabilities & reliability. It will provide the best imaging & will maximize your team’s productivity. Dedicated for shallow target applications and HR3D surveys, Sentinel HR is an efficient tool for oceanology, geo-technical, civil engineering and reservoir characterization applications.

      Key Benefits


      • 3,125 m channel spacing
      • Best signal-to-noise hydrophone performance


      • Up to 6,000 m streamer length
      • Compatible with QuietSea™ mammal monitoring system
      • Comb spread design capability


      • + 6,000 km Sentinel delivered
      • Fully redundant design
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      Abstract High-resolution acquisition solution for cost-effective marine seismic operations (EN) English 305.26 KB pdf
      Article Sentinel® streamer: best-in-class signal to noise performance for improved imaging (EN) English 48.66 KB pdf
      Article Solid streamer noise reduction principles (EN) English 275.74 KB pdf
      Specifications Seal 428 Specifications (EN) English 89.01 KB pdf
      Brochure Seal 428 Brochure (EN) English 3.23 MB pdf