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    WiNG is a fully integrated nodal land acquisition system designed with a single data collection platform to manage operations more easily and efficiently.

    The WiNG node or DFU (Digital Field Unit), has been designed to minimize transportation & storage costs. With its compact & light design (855g), the DFU can record seismic data for up to 50 days.

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    At the heart of Sercel’s new nodal system is the DCM–Data Completion Manager, which includes a single, integrated environment from which all the operational aspects of the survey can be monitored. Unique to nodal systems, this platform collects QC information from both sources and receivers giving the observer in the field a single integrated tool with which to monitor all factors contributing to data quality. 

    Key Benefits


    • Monitoring Software or Operation Monitoring Environment
    • Remote QC Monitoring
    • Data Quality Control


    • Digital Fidelity
    • Low Noise - Low Frequency


    • Advanced Vibroseis Strategies
    • Improved Automation
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    Category Name Language Publication Size Download
    Technical paper Land acquisition without data jitter made possible with MEMS sensors (EN) English Oct 21, 2021 789.88 KB pdf
    Technical paper Single-sensor acquisition without data jitter: a comparative sensor study (EN) English Jan 05, 2021 6.65 MB pdf
    Brochure WiNG Brochure (EN) English Dec 07, 2023 362.31 KB pdf
    Specifications WiNG Specifications (EN) English Jul 18, 2023 2.56 MB pdf
    Technical paper Native true amplitude and phase broadband sensing (EN) English Sep 15, 2020 1.05 MB pdf

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