Earth monitoring is a solution aiming to measure microseismic events caused by earthquake activies. We are providing a complete range of seismic sensors & recorders adapted to any onshore & offshore environment.




QS3 is a standalone electronic board including 3-C MEMS accelerometers.  Proven in the seismic exploration business, these accelerometers, called QuietSeis®, have the lowest noise on the market (15ng/Hz) and enable signal measurements to unprecedent level. This technology is now available in the Earth Monitoring business for integration.

QS3 Inputs

  • PPS signal (Pulse Per Second) for time synchronization
  • Power supply

QS3 Outputs

  • 3-C digital signal (24 bits)
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Sercel has a long history of providing high quality seismometers and geophones for earth monitoring applications, with first deployments dating back to over 50 years ago. Our instrument quality sensors are deployed worldwide for monitoring sensitive seismic sites as well as used for scientific studies and engineering evaluations.  

Sercel offers a variety of low frequency seismometers built with a wide range of performance parameters to meet our customers demanding requirements. We offer both vertical and horizontal operational sensors as well as three component configurations (VERTICAL/LONGITUDINAL/TRANSVERSE). Our product group includes both surface and borehole configurations with internal calibration capabilities offered as well.

Sercel is known worldwide as a major manufacturer of seismometers and geophones for a wide variety of earth monitoring applications and our large array of product offerings can be tailored to complement your specific application.

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MicrOBS is an autonomous deep 4C ocean bottom seismometer that dives as far as 6000m down to the sea floor by itself. Integrating a combination of 3-C low distortion geophones plus a hydrophone, it records P-S waves up to 24 days. 

At any time, by sending a specific signal from the vessel, MicrObs releases its anchor to get up to the surface. Sending a radio signal and activating a flashlight, it is retrieved easily to download its data.

Designed for deep-water refraction seismic surveys, MicrOBS provides excellent refractor arrivals from crustal discontinuities. With 4C multi-component recording, MicrOBS can allow accurate characterization of P & S velocities in deep crustal layers.

MicrOBS is also used to record and monitor earthquakes and natural seismicity to determine epicentre and associated mechanisms in active tectonic areas.


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LAND SEISMIC RECORDERS Sercel_Unite_and_WTU-508.jpg

Plugged to any seismometer, the land recorders are collecting the seismic data, GPS time synchronized, in their internal memory. A Wi-Fi connection enables the wireless data harvesting at any time.  

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