Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is a solution aiming to detect and prevent damages of engineering infrastructures (bridges, dams, etc) in order to guarantee their integrity. It allows structure owners to execute preventive maintenance programs, maximizing the availability of their asset and extending potentially its lifespan.  


S-lynks: continuous structural monitoring

S-lynks is a complete solution for continuous infrastructure monitoring including bridges, dams, stadiums, tunnels, etc.


Our S-lynks solution was designed to meet different challenges of structural health monitoring, among which:
  • Safety and security of structurally deficient structures
  • Lifetime extension
  • Maintenance budget optimization and priorization
  • Business and operation continuity after hazard, like for example seismic event, storm, accident, etc
  • New builds, early life (calibration of finite element modeling)

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AP'Structure: our partnership with APAVEAPAVE-logo.jpg

In partnership with APAVE, we developed a unique real-time structural monitoring and predictive maintenance solution for the European market called AP'Structure

With AP’Structure, operators can monitor the integrity of entire buildings and infrastructure in real time, receive warnings about irregularities and prolong the life cycle of the infrastructure. 

As a fully connected and autonomous wireless solution for measuring structural vibration, S-lynks is integrated in the AP'Structure solution.

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