Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is a solution aiming to detect and prevent damages of engineering infrastructures (bridges, dams, etc) in order to guarantee their integrity. It allows structure owners to execute preventive maintenance programs, maximizing the availability of their asset and extending potentially its lifespan.  



QS3 is a standalone electronic board including 3-C MEMS accelerometers. Proven in the seismic exploration business, these accelerometers, called QuietSeis®, have the lowest noise on the market (15ng/Hz) and enable signal measurements to unprecedent level. This technology is now available in the Structural Monitoring business for integration.

QS3 Inputs

  • PPS signal (Pulse Per Second) for time synchronization
  • Power supply

QS3 Outputs

  • 3-C digital signal (24 bits)
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Sercel offers high quality sensors for applications to monitor and ensure long-term safety of the infrastructure for buildings, transportation systems, pavement, loading cranes, airport sectors, etc. 
Our instrument quality seismometers and geophones are used worldwide in scientific studies and engineering evaluations for extensive structural integrity evaluations.

Sercel’s seismometers are available in a wide range of performance parameters, built to meet our customer’s demanding requirements. Our seismometers are designed to be lightweight and able to withstand harsh environmental effects including temperature extremes. All our seismometers and geophones are “passive sensors” and do not require external power for operation.

Sercel’s “state of the art” manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 certified with full capabilities to produce its sensors with high precision and close tolerances. Every sensor is subjected to a full complement of pre-shipment testing to insure they meet the industry’s demand for a reliable high quality product.

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LAND SEISMIC RECORDERSSercel_Unite_and_WTU-508.jpg

Plugged to any seismometer, the land recorders are collecting the seismic data, GPS time synchronized, in their internal memory. A Wi-Fi connection enables the wireless data harvesting at any time.  

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Sercel has signed a strategic partnership agreement with APAVE for the delivery of a structural health monitoring (SHM) solution:

  • Identifying and understanding existing conditions 
  • Prioritizing maintenance 
  • Defining new service lifespan 
  • Guaranteeing sustainable safe operations 
  • Optimizing your maintenance costs on your structures (dykes, dams, bridges, silos, water towers, industrial buildings, etc)
  • Identifying immediately your long-term investments (CAPEX) 

The development is in progress with a commercial deployment expected in early 2020.

To know more about it, please read the Sercel-APAVE press release

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