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Marlin Application Suite

​​Smarter Management of Offshore Operations with a Company You Can Trust​​​​​​​​​

Marlin offers innovative software solutions and services for the offshore energy and port sectors. Marlin enables businesses to manage their operations by planning, monitoring, and analysing operational logistics through a single web portal. The modular design of Marlin allows customers to select the functionality that best meets their needs at any given time and also allows for future scalability.​​

Benefits of the Marlin Application Suite include :

​-Safety through improved communications

-Efficiency and reduced costs through improved decision-making

-Collaboration and transparency through shared operational processes

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Redefining Offshore Logistics Management

For nearly 40 years, Sercel Concept has been a leading software solutions provider. Our marine design, planning, and navigation solutions are considered industry standards, and as systems integrators, we are leading the way in the digital transformation.

We are proud of our history of working with key energy industry players including E&P majors, independent and national oil and gas companies, and service companies. Our systems have been deployed on operations all over the world.

Marlin was developed collaboratively to address and resolve the most complex issues facing the offshore industry today, accelerating innovation and transforming our customers' offshore logistics into truly digital, data-driven enterprises in a secure and cost-effective manner.

When you select our products, you are selecting experience, dependability, and trustMarlin 3.jpg

We deliver value through:

Operational transparency for all stakeholders

We seamlessly connect all activities: crews, vessels, equipment, onshore personnel, ports, in real time, for enhanced visibility and collaboration.

Improved decision making

We transform our customers’ offshore data into actionable intelligence: on-time and on-budget plan execution; real-time re-planning for conflict and incident avoidance; no wasted voyages; and improved fuel efficiency.

Operations Optimisation

We give customers a competitive edge by leveraging digital transformation: improved operational efficiency and reduced costs; pro-active collaboration; streamlined asset management processes; and a reduced carbon footprint.

Security and data integrity

Your security is our top priority. We leverage a world-class cloud infrastructure for optimal performance and reliability, and we are ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Proven Track Record :

-Nearly 200 deployments worldwide

-Optimising operation in over 25 countries

-Trusted by over 20 major offshore operators​

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