Acquisition Optimization Services


Sercel Concept is the leading provider of custom, infield acquisition services for optimizing marine seismic operations, including remote service solutions​​.

With over 40 years of experience in all types of marine survey environments, Sercel Concept's software division offers flexible and efficient services for optimizing seismic operations to E&P companies and seismic contractors.

At Sercel Concept, we know that each project needs a different strategy, and we work with our customers to find the best way to meet their needs. We leverage on-demand development resources to improve the quality and productivity of the data collected during seismic surveys. Our experienced offshore support staff have in-depth knowledge of the most up-to-date seismic survey techniques and software.

We offer services across the entire acquisition life cycle:

Survey Design and Planning

Seismic modeling is an essential geophysical tool for reducing technical and economic risk in exploration projects, whether it is used to optimize seismic acquisition designs or to support imaging processes. To ensure the most efficient strategy is used infield, our experts conduct in-depth investigations on multiple survey configurations and acquisition scenarios. This allows for more cost-effective and safe operations that meet the required technical standards.

Acquisition Planning and QC

Our acquisition specialists have experience in infield optimization on 2D, 3D, 4D and WATS projects enabled by the utilization of the company's comprehensive software suite. Enhanced current predictions are used with the innovative Multi Swath approach for optimizing 3D acquisition. Our Feather Aperture planning is utilized on 4D projects to allow a greater range of acquisition options without compromising repeatability. Comprehensive QC on the quality of acquired data is delivered to onshore personnel via digital dashboards.

SIMOPS Management

Seismic acquisition is frequently carried out in producing oil fields with existing infrastructure and associated operations. Vessels in these areas are frequently dependent on real-time tracking, while operational plans are stored and visualized elsewhere, resulting in a lack of situational awareness. This can lead to operational conflicts not being identified until an operational deficiency occurs, increasing the risk of unplanned downtime. MarlinTM, Sercel Concept's​ Situational Awareness and SIMOPS management solution, is used to ensure minimal disruption to concurrent activities.

Remote Service Solutions  More Information

We offer bespoke Remote Service Solutions that allow digitally connected specialists to monitor and interact with operations from multiple locations globally. The full portfolio of remote services, ranging from simple non-interactive real-time visualization through to utilizing our consultants to provide full QC and optimization planning, is available for seamless deployment.

The solutions have been designed and field-tested to allow for remote support and service that is tailored to the clients' needs.​

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