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      Data-driven collaboration solution for E&P seismic projects.

      Take your survey planning and management to the next level.

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      From Silos to a Data-Driven Ecosystem

      MetaBlue is a digital collaboration solution that connects every stage of a seismic project, from planning to acquisition and data delivery, while monitoring survey progress in real-time.


      It is a game-changing solution that facilitates the involvement of all project stakeholders right from the beginning, leading to enhanced efficiency in survey planning and management, the delivery of high-quality data, and improved operational performance.


      MetaBlue LAND

      Land seismic imaging presents considerable challenges, encompassing issues related to data quality and operational excellence. Lack of efficiency can affect the profitability of land seismic operations, with potential adverse impacts on safety and the environment if executed improperly.

      MetaBlue Land leverages Sercel's cutting-edge land software, unparalleled MEMS-based field unit technology, innovative land source solutions, and unique land acquisition services to seamlessly integrate data collection and optimize land survey outcomes.

      MetaBlue MARINE

      Operational silos in marine seismic acquisition impede collaboration and cause inefficiencies. Advanced solutions are required to break down these silos, improve safety, enhance data quality, and reduce environmental impact.

      MetaBlue Marine addresses these challenges by unifying acquisition data using Sercel’s market-leading marine software, MEMS-based nodal technology, towed streamer technology, innovative source solutions, and unique marine services, resulting in optimum survey outcomes.

      Key Benefits



      • Enhanced project turnaround times, increased productivity, and reduced costs.


      • Clearer and more accurate images of subsurface geological structures for informed exploration and drilling planning decisions.


      • Eco-conscious technologies, environmentally friendly operations, and improved safety.
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