Digital twins





    To better serve its customers active in the preventive maintenance and asset optimization, Sercel is offering a real innovative numerical solution: Morphosense Digital Twin: Real-time and continuous access to fatigue and the Remaining Useful Life  (RUL) of structures.

    bridge structural health monitoring


    Digital twin

    Digital Twin is based on structural & environmental data provided by any monitoring solutions, including Sercel. Predictive maintenance becomes accessible for all assets, from the simplest to the most complex.

    Morphosense Digital twin offers additional benefits: it can offer faithful avatar representative of the asset in its environment. Morphosense Digital twin customizable user interface (UI/UX) makes it easy to read the indicators using secure communication protocols. Morphosense Digital twin allow to Reduce the costs of operations and maintenance (LCoE reduction) of critical structures while controlling risks.

    Key Benefits

    High Versatility 

    • The MORPHOSENSE Monitoring product is adaptable to all current and future structural problems regardless of their size, age or nature of materials

    Strong reliable design

    • The design of the continuous monitoring node is robust, easy to deploy, with unequaled precision whatever the environment and the complexity of your structure

    Ease of use 

    • The Monitoring Toolbox makes it possible to calculate static, dynamic and environmental structural indicators which are then displayed in time on a dashboard accessible via a secure IT platform, providing all the associated analysis tools
    Digital twin