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Offshore structural monitoring

Wind farms and oil platforms require monitoring to ensure the health of structures and employees safety. Our solutions are designed and proven to extend the life of aging oil platforms and offshore wind farms.

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      Offshore structures monitoring presents several challenges that Sercel can help to solve:

      • Hostile environmental conditions at sea can make access difficult and limit the duration of surveillance operations.
      • The size and complexity of offshore installations require sophisticated monitoring systems to detect potential defects or damages.
      • Regular maintenance and continuous monitoring of the structures are essential to ensure their integrity, which can be costly and requires specialized skills.
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    • Morphosense
    • Based on enhanced techniques, coupled with decades of experience and expertise, Sercel can help you to find the right means to monitor your assets:

      • Monitoring of the deformations and movements of your structures.
      • Vibratory and seismic monitoring associated with an operational modal analysis and the monitoring of emerging frequencies to characterize the operation and health of your structures
      • Detection and classification solutions for characteristic events such as sea state, landing, weaknesses in anchors and more.
      • SMS or e-mail alarm notifications and alerts on threshold.
      • Predictive models of the behavior of your structures.
      • A fatigue and Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of your structures in order to best prepare maintenance plans and minimize inspections.
      • Real-time, 24/7 data availability with a simple, readable and secure interface.


      Jacket type offshore wind turbine monitoring

      Damage, fatigue and Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of jacket type offshore wind turbine.

      Offshore substation monopile structural monitoring

      How is it possible to validate static deformation and operational Modal analysis numerical model and correlate model with sea, wind states and vessels docking?

      Morphosense solution is capable of calibrating the numerical model using IP68 node with real-time monitoring using static deformation and operational modal analysis.

      What is Digital Twin Technology

      Digital twin , what does it mean ? 3D Visualization? Data driven analysis ? or ....? 
      What are the benefit of Digital Twin technology?
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