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Higher Vibrator Hydraulic Force for Improved High Frequency Generation (EN)

For conventional deep seismic with heavy vibrators, the traditionally used sweeps had an 8-80 Hz bandwidth...

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Sercel Advances the Up-to-date Geophysical Equipment & Technology (EN/CH)

Sercel, a subsidiary of CGG Veritas - the largest geophysical services company around the world, is specialized in the development, production and sales...

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SEG Denver Abstract (EN)

During the last years, the challenge of extending the vibroseis bandwidth towards low frequencies has been largely addressed and fulfilled by the seismic industry...

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Sercel’s WiNG Seismic Nodes Deployed at Africa’s Premier Copper Mine (EN)

Sercel is pleased to announce that its state-of-the-art WiNG land acquisition nodes are making a key contribution to a major mining exploration program in...

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Sinopec affirms its confidence in Sercel with additional 508XT contract award (EN)

Sercel announced today the delivery of additional land seismic equipment to Sinopec for a 3D survey to be conducted in China this winter...

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Sercel makes another major sale of 508XT in North Africa (EN)

Sercel announced today the sale of an 80,000-channel 508XT acquisition system and 24 Nomad 65 Neo broadband vibrators for deployment on a 3D mega-crew...

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Optimization of hybrid surveys with drop & pop nodes: an innovative approach (EN)

Recent advances in marine seismic processing are increasingly supporting the use of sparse OBN in conjunction with low-frequency sources in...

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Sercel Completes the Acquisition of ION’s Software Business (EN)

Sercel announced today that it has completed the acquisition of ION Geophysical Corporation’s (“ION”) software business...

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Sercel Equips New Vessel in Korea for 3D Seismic Research (EN)

Sercel is pleased to announce the sale of a complete marine seismic acquisition system to HJ Shipbuilding & Construction...

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Sercel Makes Major Sale of WiNG Land Nodal System for Energy Transition Surveys (EN)

Sercel is pleased to announce the sale of a 15,000 channel WiNG system to Smart Seismic Solutions (S3)...

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Mastering the highest Vibroseis productivity while preserving seismic data quality (EN)

Nicolas Tellier1*, Gilles Ollivrin1 , Stéphane Laroche1 and Christophe Donval1 introduce a novel Ultra High-Productivity...

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Quality Control in Modern Recording Systems, Benefits Beyond Contract Compliance (EN)

Quality control (QC) has generally been considered by the seismic data acquisition industry to be a method to determine...