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A new wave in marine seismic source technology (EN)

Nicolas Tellier, Julien Large, Shuki Ronen and Jeremy Aznar present two innovate marine sources intended to address current industry...

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Sercel launches new Bluepulse acoustic marine source (EN)

Sercel announced today the launch of Bluepulse, an innovative marine acoustic source offering the most advanced frequency control technology...

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Sea trial of a low frequency enhanced pneumatic source (EN)

A new pneumatic seismic source with a resonance frequency of 2.8 Hz has been built and tested during an OBN sea trial in the Gulf...

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Sercel Makes First Major Sale of GPR300 Seabed Nodal Solution (EN)

Sercel announced today the first major sale of its recently launched GPR300 seabed nodal solution to BGP Inc...

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High-resolution acquisition solution for cost-effective marine seismic operations (EN)

Over the last decades, advances in seismic data acquisition, signal processing and modeling have made subsurface imaging better...

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Sercel Launches GPR300, a Seabed Nodal Solution for Shallow Waters (EN)

Sercel announced today the launch of GPR300, a new nodal seismic acquisition solution specially designed for deployment in shallow waters...

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Sercel and Kappa Offshore Solutions jointly launch PIKSEL – a new high-resolution 3D marine seismic solution for renewable energy applications (EN)

Sercel and Kappa Offshore Solutions are pleased to announce PIKSEL, a compact marine seismic solution specially designed for acquiring...

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Sercel Equips 3D Mega-Crew Seismic Survey in North Africa (EN)

Sercel is pleased to announce that its high-performance equipment is currently being deployed on another 3D mega-crew survey...

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Sercel strengthens position of its 508XT land seismic acquisition system in India (EN)

Sercel has significantly increased the market position of its 508XT land seismic acquisition system in India...

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Single-sensor acquisition without data jitter: a comparative sensor study (EN)

Nicolas Tellier, Stéphane Laroche, Han Wang and Philippe Herrmann present datasupported comparisons between two sensors...

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Sercel Wins Second Saudi Mega-Crew Equipment Contract (EN)

Sercel announced today that it has won a second major contract to supply land seismic equipment to a leading seismic acquisition contractor for...

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Field Test Results of a Novel Low-Frequency Marine Source (EN)

Low frequencies are very beneficial for seismic exploration. The reasons for this are manifold, e.g. deeper penetration, sharper wavelet...