Sales & Marketing


Sercel puts customer satisfaction at the core of its actions and commitments. Our sales, marketing and customer support teams are the group’s closest contact with our clients and their representative within the company. Our sales and marketing teams are tuned-in to client needs and ensure that commitments are kept from the moment commercial agreements are signed until the equipment is handed over in the field. Our customer support teams travel the world in order to provide our clients with their technical expertise and share their product knowledge. Our repair centres, located in the four corners of the world, complete the after-sales service offered to our clients.

 Jan, Sales & Marketing Manager

jan-small.jpg “Following four years as a customer support engineer, I was given the opportunity to move into different positions in the marketing and sales division, namely technical-sales engineer for Asia, manager of the Moscow office and then finally as a sales manager back in Nantes. Nowadays, my focus is on promoting and selling vibrators worldwide. I am involved in putting together tenders, negotiating contracts, advising customers about the best technical configuration and contract coordination until the equipment is installed at the client’s premises. I am the clients’ point of contact with the aim being to guarantee client satisfaction. This job enables me to work independently in an international context and with the challenge of major contracts to negotiate. Selling a cutting-edge product is highly rewarding and Sercel is recognised and respected worldwide. Autonomy, business oriented, customer focus and open mindedness are needed for this position.”


Huang, Customer Support Engineer

Huang.jpg “I graduated from Jinghan Petroleum institute with a major in Electronic instrumentation. I have been a Chief observer in seismic crews and support engineer before joining Sercel as Customer support engineer. Today I am responsible for commissioning and crew start-up on site. I ensure trouble-shooting on site and I report technical issues to our R&D team around the world. A large part of my job is also dedicated to performing the training of our products to our end-users. I am constantly available to help our customers to deal with the difficulties that they face.
This job is a real passion for me as it brings me a lot of opportunities to travel worldwide, to work in different environments and to meet different people……. Of course, it also brings challenges, especially when working in the remote location such as desert, or when you have to face difficult customer requests. To succeed you need to be highly self-motivated, have excellent communication skills and team work spirit, and high technical competencies.”


Maylis, Import/Export Manager

maylis-small.jpgI joined Sercel having studied in business school and with four years’ experience under my belt in the purchasing department and then the export sales administration department of an medium sized company. I am a site import/export manager at Sercel. With a team of five colleagues, my role involves ensuring that our products are delivered to over 80 countries with the quality standard and level of responsiveness expected by our clients and in compliance with international trade regulations. Our constant challenge is to plan work taking into account commercial requirements, logistics constraints and legal and regulatory requirements that are regularly monitored. We have an on-site customs clearance process and work in close partnership with the customs authorities and use all the solutions available to reduce our import costs. Sercel regularly offers us training opportunities so that we can successfully fulfil our roles. Training enables us to update our technical knowledge and develop our managerial skills. Analytical ability, a sense of responsibility, curiosity, adaptability and responsiveness are assets for this post.”