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      GPR is an innovative seabed nodal solution based on Sercel’s leading-edge Quietseis® technology meeting the very latest seismic industry expectations for performance.

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    • The unrivalled digital fidelity and ultra-quiet performance provided by the Quietseis MEMS sensor ensure a step change in seismic data quality.

      GPR300 is the ideal node for shallow water applications down to 300m. Its compact and lightweight design provides for easy manual handling and simplifies deployment and retrieval.

      Designed for deep water applications, GPR1500 incorporates an optional acoustic transponder to streamline operations. The all-in-one concept also allows for smoother back deck handling reducing the amount of intervention required during that nodes deployment and retrieval.

      Using a flexible anchoring system, GPRNT nodes can be deployed either by a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) or via node-on-a-rope (NOAR) and can record seismic data up to 60 days.

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      Key Benefits


      • Operation Monitoring Environment
      • Proven Reliability


      • QuietSeis® Delivers Digital Fidelity
      • 3C Recording and Vector Fidelity


      • Compatible with land operations
      • ROV or NOAR Deployment Capability
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      Category Name Language Publication Size Download
      Technical paper 3C MEMS sensors for true vertical and orthogonal OBN sensing (EN) English 279.44 KB pdf
      Technical paper Native true amplitude and phase broadband sensing (EN) English 1.05 MB pdf
      Technical paper Sercel True Broadband: 8-Octave Capability (EN) English 2.04 MB pdf
      Brochure QuietSeis - OBN GPR MicrOBS Brochure (EN) English 859.84 KB pdf
      Technical paper MEMS-based OBN: lessons learnt from the largest OBN survey worldwide English 9.43 MB pdf

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