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    S-scan, Sercel’s new and innovative solution, has been designed for demanding customers who want to identify and monitor anomalies and changes in near-surface, underlying subsoil to detect and anticipate deformation and collapse (cavities, sinkholes, subsidence or landslide). It’s a full geophysical solution comprising survey design, acquisition solutions and processing to deliver results to the asset owner.

    High-resolution visualization and analysis for characterization of near-surface variability.

    Geophyscal Engineering Monitoring


    Geophyscal Engineering Monitoring

    This new S-scan solution is used for passive near-surface imaging and monitoring solution dedicated to the avoidance of deformation and collapse.

    • S-scan can help to improve Safety of travelers and workers by anticipating well in advance instabilities.
    • S-scan allows to anticipate maintenance and optimize the operations costs. 
    • S-scan optimizes and accurately determines more efficiently drilling points
    • With S-scan, it’s possible to deploy quickly a large quantity of sensors 

    Key Benefits

    Higher resolution than conventional methods.

    • Reduction of remedial maintenance costs by precise positioning of geotechnical borings.

    Characterization of near-surface variability.

    • Safety of rail passengers and workers. 

    Ease of installation

    • Baseline or long-term monitoring with installation time considerably reduced.
    Geophyscal Engineering Monitoring


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